Market Committee


Up Coming Meetings:

The MIABC Market Committee, comprised of Underwriting Members only, meets on a quarterly basis each year to discuss issues pertaining to our local market and to the Marine Insurance Industry in general.

We work together in a collective effort to further enhance our knowledge and expertise in the best interest of our members in serving the needs of our clients.

The MIABC members protect the privacy of our clients by not discussing specific names, but maintaining focus on the facts and merits of insurance-related issues only. As with all MIABC committee meetings, Underwriting Committee Meetings and minutes are confidential and solely for the use of Underwriting Members only.

Please note the dates of the upcoming meetings are subject to change. Please contact the Committee Chairperson to be added to the upcoming meetings invitation list. (Invitations by email).

For more information contact:

Lee Varseveld – Market Committee Chair

c/o Pacific Coast Fishermen’s Mutual Marine Insurance Co.
3757 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC
V5G 1G5
Tel: (604) 438-4240